Monthly Archive: March 2016

I Have A Great Life 0

I Have A Great Life

I am not bragging. Trust me, there is lots of room for improvement in my life. But I have many more things to be thankful for than to be depressed over. I’ve mentioned my great boss and amazing work team. I have had a lot...

What a Roller Coaster 0

What a Roller Coaster

The Jeep arrived yesterday. So we are officially a one car family. It’s actually a relief, but with good comes the not so good. A few days back I mentioned how much time I had spent with doctors lately. I thought I was in the...

Customer Service or the Lack There Of 1

Customer Service or the Lack There Of

Those who have been following, know my husband and I are downsizing. Prior to our realization that too much was weighing us down we were chasing bigger, better and more like many others. Last year we considered trading in one of our vehicles for a...