Monthly Archive: April 2016

Tiny Dreams, Big Ambitions 0

Tiny Dreams, Big Ambitions

I get posts on my Facebook feed from a page called “Tiny House People”. Today there was a little cartoon with a question asking how many people had been dreaming of living tiny since they were kids. (Small cabins, tree houses etc). My first thought...

Who Is Using My Bathroom Now 0

Who Is Using My Bathroom Now

Recently there has been alot of discussion about who should be using what bathroom. Normally, I would sit by and not say much about this but some of the comments have really bothered me. Let me preface this by stating I do not have close...

Rediscovery 0


This blog started for two purposes. The first to document our process as we moved toward a more minimalistic lifestyle and ultimately (hopefully) into a tiny home. The second was to figure myself out…again. When you look at downsizing you have to assess what is most...