Monthly Archive: May 2016

My Responsibility 0

My Responsibility

Though my posts have been few lately, I had to find something to say. Find my voice. Lucky for you (or unlucky for you) I got my voice and I have so much in my head…this should seriously be an interesting ride. I have volunteered...

Finding My Path 0

Finding My Path

I started my blog as a tool for self-discovery. Evaluating my wants and needs in an effort to transition to a more minimalist lifestyle that would allow me and my family to lead a fuller life. I yearn to write the great American novel…ok maybe...

The Toughest Week of my Year 0

The Toughest Week of my Year

As a Mom, Mother’s day should be exciting. I mean it is a day set aside for us, right? Many people get depressed or suffer anxiety around the holidays. I deal with that periodically, but the week of Mother’s day and my birthday is my...