Mother’s Day In Lieu of a Card

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  1. Carolyn Duke White says:

    I had a college counseling ask me one time what I did for fun. At the time, life was difficult trying to be everything to everyone. I could not think of a single thing that I was doing that could be called fun. I realized it was okay be be silly and weird at times. We get so focused on living we forget to actually live an abundant life. In other words, stop and smell the roses. Stop and listen for God’s voice in the stillness of the day that says it is okay because I haven’t left you alone. In that moment, everything shifts and even if the situation hasn’t change my response to it has changed. Then and only then an amazing thing happens because I gave God full control…my perspective of the situation changes. Love you Sue. Keep writing, because as a child of the most high God you have been given a gift to effect change.

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