Hallelujah Anyhow

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I have found that God will sometimes let me hit bottom first. Took me a while but I finally understood that if God had provided immediately I would not have appreciated what was provided as much. I learned to be thankful for everything. Not just the big stuff but the small stuff, the medium stuff, and everything in between stuff. I learned to appreciate things that I didn’t before. I learned to see God’s grace in a new light. They were fishing all night and had not caught anything. They were probably tired and hungry. A man on the shore told them to try the other side of the boat. One more time and what a haul! Sometimes it’s that last one more time prayer, that one more time small raise, that one more time whatever that provides what is needed. Yes it might be small but it is what is needed. I guess you know the man on the shore was Jesus. Nice story you think but look at the small stuff…Jesus was cooking fish for breakfast for them. Forget the fish I just hauled in I’m hungry and Jesus is making breakfast!! Wow!!! The creator of the universe saw me hungry and made me breakfast!! So how does all this tie in together? What Jesus knows we need is what Jesus provides. Sometimes we understand it at the moment it happens, sometimes we understand it later, and sometimes we will have to wait to ask Him in person. He supplies what we need when He knows we need it.

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